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A SOCIETY OF POWER - Former Chicago First Ward Alderman and U.S. bank owner Donald Parrillo tells how the Chicago Organized Crime Family known as The Outfit controlled presidential elections, labor unions, the movie industry and who appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

MARILYN MONROE - The Alderman tells it first...read more click here.

"Candid, captivating and insightful."

"Riveting and revealing and knowledgeable as only it can be from an insider's perspective"

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Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay?

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Parrillo & Roach (The Adventure Begins)

William Parrillo, my father, defended Al Capone and helped make Dwight H. Greene Governor of Illinois.

William Parrillo, my father, could have become Attorney General of the United States had the 1948 Presidential election gone the way the CHICAGO TRIBUNE claimed it went on that infamous first page of theirs.

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 Capone May Go Free!


About the Author


Growing up in the Near West Side (Little Italy) and Oak Park, IL, Donald graduated from Oak Park High School in 1948 and Loyola University in 1952.

"THE CIGAR WANTS TO SEE YOU" that was the message Donnie received from an old-time bookmaker.  "Tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, go and visit your father's grave."  There it was: Sam Giancana, the uncontested ruler of the Chicago Outfit, wanted to see me.  Read more...
  Donald Parrillo